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Our A/c went down when it was 115 outside. We have a 3 month old baby and a 2 year old. Most so called emergency services said they could be there the next day. I called Just Air and they said they would have their man out in one hour. He was there in 40 minutes.

He was very professional and was up on the roof and replaced a few fuses and within 10 minutes of him being there we had our AC back

Just Air because of your professionalism, promptness and reasonable service charge you have a customer for life!!

Jeffrey Taylor
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I met Just Air ,James, eight years ago when I moved into my home & was on vacation, but when I returned all my candles were melted & no AC when temps were over100. I had a warranty plan & they sent out on repairman & he put in a new motor but said the compressor was faulty & needed replacing, the company called for a second opinion & Just Air, James came out & said it was just an electrical switch problem which he fixed & has been my AC man for 8 years & keeps us cool & saving money. Thanks James!

Randy Kimble
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A/C stopped working around 5PM. Panic mode. Called Just Air and was able to get ***** out within an hour to take a look. I received a no-BS diagnosis and repair for an extremely reasonable price and the house was cool again within an hour. I fully trust him to overhaul my system when the time comes. I really appreciate the huge relief you gave us last night. It was much needed

Andy L.
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I have used Just Air 2 times, and in both cases I was extremely impressed with the service and the price. These guys answer the phone quickly, and are very fast and they will not rip you off. I always hesitate to leave reviews but I had to share just how happy I am with Just Air. James has taken great care of us 2 times at 2 different homes and each time the work has lasted, and the experience was trouble free, fast and very professional. I highly recommend Just Air, they will take great care of you, I have no doubt once you use them you will never use anyone else.

John Hofmann
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I was referred to Just Air by a friend, our AC went out and we were looking for an honest company and not out for our money. Just Air came out & they were reasonable with their rates. they were prompt with their service and very respectful. We had an issue completely separate from the initial repair and they went above and beyond to replace the part practically free 🙂 Also, one of the employees offered me his portable home AC unit for me to use if needed cause I shared that I have MS and can not get too hot or I would get really sick. I declined but it was extremely thoughtful. I would recommend them to my family as I would to you reading this.

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Just Air is a great company dedicated to customer service. James, the owner, and his crew are very professional. I had a new Goodman AC/Heat pump installed and it was completed in one day. The pricing of the new unit was very competitive. After the work was completed, James followed up several times to make sure the Goodman unit was working properly and we were completely satisfied. I highly recommend Just Air.

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Exceptional is not a word not heard often enough when it comes to Customer Service but there is no other word to describe the service I received from James at JustAir. Two months ago when my nearly new unit died on a Sunday night I was told by my old service that they could be out on Tuesday. My friend recommended Just Air and now I am their biggest fan. I called James at Just Air and he was at my house in 10 minutes….on a Sunday night!!! Fixed the problem in minutes and was exceptional. Two months later my nearly new unit dies again, new problem. It was out fo 4 days and my house reached 94 degrees inside. All problems were related to the manufacturer and James took it as personally as we did. It was like having a big brother handle a situation for you. Just amazing!! As you can gather I strongly recommend Just Air for all your AC/Heating needs in the Valley.

Deena h.
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It is a Saturday night in early Sept and it is still about 95* outside…our AC starts blowing warm air and making a funny noise. I called Just Air and they were available to come right out, but we opted to have them come first thing Sunday morning between 7-8a. James called about 6:50a and said he was nearing our property, so he was right on time at 7a! He quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it. Cool air was once again filling our home before 8a. Having just seen an expose on Dateline about ‘shady’ AC repairs, I was only going to go with a BBB recommended contractor. I was very pleased with the prompt and honest service. A KEEPER to be sure! I highly recommend Just Air!

Too warm
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Just Air is fast! reliable, and easy to work with. They will not try to sell you a new unit for every little problem but will go through what happened and make a recommendation. I chose to go with the quick fix, and they still let me know that if I wanted the new unit I could apply the money spent for the quick fix to the new unit, if I purchased within 30 days. Once we decided to replace the entire unit, they replaced it within 12 hours.

Becca K.
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Hello, Aug.4, 2012 10:50 A.M. James Mattingly of JustAir only minutes ago finished restoring my air conditioning system and I’m very satisfied with the work James did. He arrived about 20 minutes early, which makes me happy. He was clean and professional in his work. He explained everything he did and why he did it. I randomly picked JustAir from the internet and am happy with the first choice I made. Daniel was my first contact with JustAir and she immediately made me feel that my problem had become her problem. I will call JustAir again if I ever need any work done on my heating or air conditioning system. Of course I will recommend JustAir to anyone.

The Shadow, Ben
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Super fast response, and great service. I noticed the problem at midnight, and email them. At 5:30am, I got an email response, and then someone call me at 8:30am. They fixed it in a couple of minutes, and saved my Memorial Day Weekend!!

Carlos R
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Our air conditioner stopped blowing any air at all. As is always the case, it happened to be one of the first days of three digit heat and my wife works at home. We had been very satisfied with Just Air in the past, so my wife called them. Their response time was amazing and the problem was quickly diagnosed. The A/C was back up and running before the house had time to even heat up. I highly recommend Just Air.

William L.
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We are on our second 3 year maintenance program for AC & heating. We had AC problems 2 times and both times we had service within 2 hours. We definitely would recommend this company.

Bob H.
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I have dealt with Just Air several times over the last 3 years and their service is always good. Today the temp will be over a 100 and James the owner was out to my home in an hour and fixed my problem at a fair price. He has always treated me fairly and I would recommend from any AC problem.

Ron M.
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I want to write about my experience with James Mattingly at JustAir. They are a smaller company who gets typically overlooked because people are both skeptical of their prices, which are MUCH lower than much larger and more “prestigious” competitors, and because those larger competitors utilize scare tactics in their sales pitches to steer you away from considering a smaller, more personalized company. I was a victim of those scare tactics and their deceptive advertising, and was quite cynical and paranoid about being referred to a smaller company. I’m sure there are many others out there like me. So please read this and know that you CAN receive dependable, friendly, and prompt service from a small company and avoid paying the massive markups and avoiding the heavy-handed sales tactics of their larger competitors. Read on….. I arrived home two weeks ago to find my air conditioner blowing hot air on a hot day, and feeling that dread that accompanies something like this – something you know is going to cost you alot of money and headache, I called a company that I’d used previously to perform repairs to my aging air conditioner. The air conditioner is a 14 year old roof mounted 4-ton unit. I’d previously needed emergency repairs during the worst of summer about 5 years ago, when a failure in the blower motor left my young family searching for hotel room while I panicked and called a large air conditioning contractor, advertised as one of the largest, without having the time or luxury of researching the company or shopping around. Needless to say, the emergency repairs were expensive, and that repair also left me spending money to repair the now leaky roof around the air conditioning unit. Luckily this time I had the luxury, if not the patience, to explore other options since the worst of summer was over. Also I knew that replacing the AC unit was probably going to be the eventual outcome, rather than costly repairs to a very old unit. With all this in mind, I once again called the large AC repair and sales company based on my lack of knowledge, experience, and confidence with other companies. After all, with all the advertising this HUGE company does, with their mailers disguised as “official” looking government documents, they must have the volume and reputation to provide the best service and reasonable prices, right? My choice to use (and overpay) that company in my previous emergency repair certainly was based on that perspective. The repair technician from the large company showed up very quickly and went right to work diagnosing the small leak that robbed my AC unit of refrigerant over time. He wrote down the cost of his repair estimate, and it was expensive ($1200) but not surprising considering how much they charged for the previous repairs. However, knowing that replacing the unit was more of a realistic option than the repair due to the age of the unit, I inquired about the cost of a new unit. The technician did not have this information, and in very slick fashion the high pressure salesman was at my door within an hour. The loud, brash, retired contractor sat me down and bombarded me with his sales pitch. Everything was there that you could ever expect. He elaborated on the superior quality, reliability, and customer service of this very old and prestigious company, while warning me that using any other company would be very inadvisable and would cause me nothing but problems. He told me that any company that could claim to do the work for less than his company, would for sure be looking to take advantage of me with hidden costs, shoddy work, and inferior equipment. He made sure that the other companies and air conditioning manufacturers I may have heard of before (indeed the two examples he used were the only two I could name) were made to look well inferior to his company’s superior AC units and customer service. He told me that anyone claiming to do the work for less than $6000 was lying, and he told me that others in the industry were out to get me, and would charge me extraneous fees for crane rental and other fees. At this point I was scared to death to even try and price shop, knowing that I was going to get screwed and I’d never have a cool house again. He did a fantastic sales job……for a 115 degree day. Luckily it was NOT 115 that day, and I was not in a position to make a panicked decision. By the time he had me scared to death to even consider that there were better and less expensive options, he figured that I would not even think twice about considering the purchase and installation of their unit. The cost? Only $8000-$9000 – before tax. Inside my head, my jaw hit the floor, but at least I didn’t panic externally. He glossed right over that cost, and into the OTHER services his company would love to provide for me along with the purchase of a new air conditioner, like thousands of dollars to spend on additional insulation (because he assured me that my certified house surely did not have enough insulation) or adding additional vents to my roof because they never put enough in when they built the house (even though I had additional vents put in with my roof repair). He never did write down the exact price of course, and never did, and never could commit to a price at all, just a range. And of course he’d need to come back the next day and perform a complete analysis about what I needed and what extras I’d need. I told him I would call him back the following day, and sensing what I must have been thinking about doing, he advised me to send him any estimates that I should get from other companies, so that he could make sure they were offering me the same equipment he was offering, because he assured me there would be no way I could get a comparable product from a different company for a lower price and that it would not be in my best interest to even look. With his exit, and after paying the $50 diagnostic fee, and the decibel level of my house returning to normal, I called my uncle who I knew had business dealings with various contractors and I figured he would have a reference for other options. He immediately and emphatically advised that I call James Mattiingly at JustAir. I said I did not want to talk to a salesman, and he told me James was the owner of the company. I figured this was just my uncle having a connection with the owner of the company and that I’d be referred to a salesman or repairman. The next morning, the phone number he gave me went right to James and within a few minutes we had set up and appointment to have him out to look at my AC. I felt lucky to have been referred to JustAir, because with the fear I had of a smaller company, thanks to my experience from the night before, I would have never found this company on my own. And that’s why I’m taking so much time to write such a detailed referral, so that you understand that you don’t have to be intimidated by these large companies with infinite and deceptive advertising, and you can have have confidence in using JustAir. James could not have been more friendly, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. Based on his attitude and approach alone, I was immediately put at ease, even with my paranoia about dealing with a small company that I had been warned would “screw me over”. James evaluated my situation personally, and wrote down the cost of the repair – about HALF of what the other company proposed. I was tempted to get the repairs, since the price was so much lower than the other company, but I knew it was not wise on such an old unit. He also WROTE down the TOTAL cost of replacing the unit, since I told him that I was considering doing that. The TOTAL cost of the replacement AC was almost ONE HALF the price of that much larger company, and I would be getting the newest Goodman unit with a better warranty than the other guys offered. I advised him of my fears, and got his assurance that this price included the AC unit, installation, all fittings and adapters, a new base, and installation of a new thermostat – the price included EVERYTHING…even the crane rental…and it was all in WRITING. Needless to say, I looked no further, and certainly didn’t need to take this proposal back to the big company “expert” for his evaluation. We booked the installation for early the next day, and later James called me to confirm the appointment. The next morning, James called me to let me know he’d be out a little earlier than scheduled, and I left immediately to meet him. I got home, and James himself and his technician had already disconnected my old unit and had the ductwork ready for the new unit to be attached. The crane arrived, swapped the units out, and James himself completed the connections. Assured that everything was to my satisfaction, we shook hands and James left assuring me of a quick response if I have any issues or need any future repairs. And I’m sure JustAIR will be there for us when we need them, and I’ll have confidence that I’ll be receiving the same great personalized service from JustAir and I’ll know I’m getting a reasonable price without insane big company markups. Hopefully if you are in a position where you need a repair or replacement of your air conditioner, you’ll consider JustAir and save yourself all the stress, anxiety, and wallet-drain of dealing with the big companies with their high overhead and outrageous markups. Don’t be intimidated by a slick sales pitch! You’ll get an awesome price, friendly advice and service, and I will gladly call on JustAir in the future!


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A/C stopped working around 5PM. Panic mode. Called Just Air and was able to get James out within an hour to take a look. I received a no-BS diagnosis and repair for an extremely reasonable price and the house was cool again within an hour. I fully trust him to overhaul my system when the time comes. I really appreciate the huge relief you gave us last night. It was much needed.

Andy Logan
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Fantastic! I have an older home with an older a/c unit. I need a new unit but can’t afford it right now. Well, it went out again and I have a family and just can’t wait in the heat for a company to come out until usually the next day. It went out when it was about 110 degrees outside. So I looked at some reviews that said these guys came out quickly and I called.

This guy came out in about an hour! I couldn’t believe it. They were friendly and helpful. Unfortunately my unit is so old that they don’t make a fan motor for it any more. And that’s what I needed. So they made a new universal one work instead of telling me “too bad, you need a new unit”. Well, they basically found a way to make it work right, but it had a few issues and they had to come out several more times. THIS WAS NOT THEIR FAULT, they were trying to make it work with the dinosaur I own. I looked at it. Fans just don’t fit this way any more. It’s a totally different set up. I can’t believe he even tried for us.

Every time he came out, he refused to take a payment, even though he deserved it. He even gave me new parts for free to make it work. He just kept saying he wants to keep my business forever. And he will! Any other company would have charged $69 every time they came out. And it would’ve been justified. This was a rebuild with old junk, not a normal repair. AND each time he came out with in 1-2 hours. I just couldn’t believe it.

I haven’t seen someone care so much about service and keeping up a good reputation in so long. I wish everyone was like that.

Do not hesitate to call them!

Jason Davis
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My air stopped working late at night and I called a few companies. I called one hour air and the guy was rude, so I called George Brazil and it was an answering service who could not give me any info. My last call was Just Air and I talked to someone immediately. He answered my questions about price and I scheduled a service call for the next day. The two techs showed up on time and were very professional and helpful. They had to replace a (resistor thingy?) and added a pound of coolant. The service call was less than 45 minutes and my air works perfectly now. It is a very old unit and I am sure they could have told me it needed to be replaced, but they did what was necessary and did not gouge me for more $. AC repair is not cheap so you need to be able to trust the company. These guys have earned my trust and I would not consider using any other company.

John Hofmann
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“AC out. Called JustAir James responded within 2 hours. He was fast and efficient knowledgable I will use them again”

Mark DeLache