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With Arizona summers reaching 110 degrees and winters dropping into the low 40’s you need your air conditioner to perform at top level. The only way to ensure that your unit will consistently work when you need it is by having regular air conditioning maintenance done on your system. Having your A/C maintenance done once or twice a year will keep your unit running strong year round. Whether commercial or residential our regular air conditioning maintenance will ensure your comfort and guarantee the reliability of your A/C Unit. Our regular price for a full tune up inspection is $65.00.

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Why have an A/C maintenance performed 1-2 times a year?

  • Save money and energy, having your system cleaned and serviced, your unit runs more efficient which lowers your electric bills during the hot summer.
  • Peace of mind, our certified technicians will service your system to determine if your system has proper refrigerant or if you have a component that is failing. We give a six month guarantee that your system will not break down after we have serviced it or tune up fee is taken off your repair.
  • In the winter it’s good to have your gas system checked for leaks, have the heating element checked, and check that the igniter is working properly.

A little of what we do on our air conditioning maintenance checks

  • Our certified technicians will check your thermostat for proper operation
  • Clean or replace your supplied filter.
  • Take temperature splits throughout your home
  • Inspect all components and wiring in your system
  • Check Freon levels
  • Oil all motors that can be oiled
  • And a lot more
  • We have postcard and phone call reminders to set up your maintenance inspection.
  • Free service calls NIGHT or Day!!!
  • Priority!! In the hot summer months if you should have a failure you have priority over customers that are not PMA!!
  • 20% off parts and labor
  • 10% off new equipment

Why become a PMA member?

In addition it is important that the coils in your unit are checked and cleaned periodically. Some problems that dirty coils can cause are:

  • High electrical bills
  • High amps on the compressor
  • It can make your house not feel as cool as it should
  • Makes your unit run longer
  • Could cause liquid sludge to the compressor
  • Could cause other parts to go out

Below you can see the dramatic transformation from a dirty coil (left) and a professional chemically cleaned coil (right)

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