John Hofmann

My air stopped working late at night and I called a few companies. I called one hour air and the guy was rude, so I called George Brazil and it was an answering service who could not give me any info. My last call was Just Air and I talked to someone immediately. He answered my questions about price and I scheduled a service call for the next day. The two techs showed up on time and were very professional and helpful. They had to replace a (resistor thingy?) and added a pound of coolant. The service call was less than 45 minutes and my air works perfectly now. It is a very old unit and I am sure they could have told me it needed to be replaced, but they did what was necessary and did not gouge me for more $. AC repair is not cheap so you need to be able to trust the company. These guys have earned my trust and I would not consider using any other company.