Jason Davis

Fantastic! I have an older home with an older a/c unit. I need a new unit but can’t afford it right now. Well, it went out again and I have a family and just can’t wait in the heat for a company to come out until usually the next day. It went out when it was about 110 degrees outside. So I looked at some reviews that said these guys came out quickly and I called.

This guy came out in about an hour! I couldn’t believe it. They were friendly and helpful. Unfortunately my unit is so old that they don’t make a fan motor for it any more. And that’s what I needed. So they made a new universal one work instead of telling me “too bad, you need a new unit”. Well, they basically found a way to make it work right, but it had a few issues and they had to come out several more times. THIS WAS NOT THEIR FAULT, they were trying to make it work with the dinosaur I own. I looked at it. Fans just don’t fit this way any more. It’s a totally different set up. I can’t believe he even tried for us.

Every time he came out, he refused to take a payment, even though he deserved it. He even gave me new parts for free to make it work. He just kept saying he wants to keep my business forever. And he will! Any other company would have charged $69 every time they came out. And it would’ve been justified. This was a rebuild with old junk, not a normal repair. AND each time he came out with in 1-2 hours. I just couldn’t believe it.

I haven’t seen someone care so much about service and keeping up a good reputation in so long. I wish everyone was like that.

Do not hesitate to call them!