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Jeffrey Taylor

Our A/c went down when it was 115 outside. We have a 3 month old baby and a 2 year old. Most so called emergency services said they could be there the next day. I called Just Air and they said they would have their man out in one hour. He was there in 40 minutes.

He was very professional and was up on the roof and replaced a few fuses and within 10 minutes of him being there we had our AC back

Just Air because of your professionalism, promptness and reasonable service charge you have a customer for life!!

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Randy Kimble

I met Just Air ,James, eight years ago when I moved into my home & was on vacation, but when I returned all my candles were melted & no AC when temps were over100. I had a warranty plan & they sent out on repairman & he put in a new motor but said the compressor was faulty & needed replacing, the company called for a second opinion & Just Air, James came out & said it was just an electrical switch problem which he fixed & has been my AC man for 8 years & keeps us cool & saving money. Thanks James!

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Andy L.

A/C stopped working around 5PM. Panic mode. Called Just Air and was able to get ***** out within an hour to take a look. I received a no-BS diagnosis and repair for an extremely reasonable price and the house was cool again within an hour. I fully trust him to overhaul my system when the time comes. I really appreciate the huge relief you gave us last night. It was much needed

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John Hofmann

I have used Just Air 2 times, and in both cases I was extremely impressed with the service and the price. These guys answer the phone quickly, and are very fast and they will not rip you off. I always hesitate to leave reviews but I had to share just how happy I am with Just Air. James has taken great care of us 2 times at 2 different homes and each time the work has lasted, and the experience was trouble free, fast and very professional. I highly recommend Just Air, they will take great care of you, I have no doubt once you use them you will never use anyone else.

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I was referred to Just Air by a friend, our AC went out and we were looking for an honest company and not out for our money. Just Air came out & they were reasonable with their rates. they were prompt with their service and very respectful. We had an issue completely separate from the initial repair and they went above and beyond to replace the part practically free 🙂 Also, one of the employees offered me his portable home AC unit for me to use if needed cause I shared that I have MS and can not get too hot or I would get really sick. I declined but it was extremely thoughtful. I would recommend them to my family as I would to you reading this.

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Just Air is a great company dedicated to customer service. James, the owner, and his crew are very professional. I had a new Goodman AC/Heat pump installed and it was completed in one day. The pricing of the new unit was very competitive. After the work was completed, James followed up several times to make sure the Goodman unit was working properly and we were completely satisfied. I highly recommend Just Air.

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Deena h.

Exceptional is not a word not heard often enough when it comes to Customer Service but there is no other word to describe the service I received from James at JustAir. Two months ago when my nearly new unit died on a Sunday night I was told by my old service that they could be out on Tuesday. My friend recommended Just Air and now I am their biggest fan. I called James at Just Air and he was at my house in 10 minutes….on a Sunday night!!! Fixed the problem in minutes and was exceptional. Two months later my nearly new unit dies again, new problem. It was out fo 4 days and my house reached 94 degrees inside. All problems were related to the manufacturer and James took it as personally as we did. It was like having a big brother handle a situation for you. Just amazing!! As you can gather I strongly recommend Just Air for all your AC/Heating needs in the Valley.

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Too warm

It is a Saturday night in early Sept and it is still about 95* outside…our AC starts blowing warm air and making a funny noise. I called Just Air and they were available to come right out, but we opted to have them come first thing Sunday morning between 7-8a. James called about 6:50a and said he was nearing our property, so he was right on time at 7a! He quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it. Cool air was once again filling our home before 8a. Having just seen an expose on Dateline about ‘shady’ AC repairs, I was only going to go with a BBB recommended contractor. I was very pleased with the prompt and honest service. A KEEPER to be sure! I highly recommend Just Air!

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Becca K.

Just Air is fast! reliable, and easy to work with. They will not try to sell you a new unit for every little problem but will go through what happened and make a recommendation. I chose to go with the quick fix, and they still let me know that if I wanted the new unit I could apply the money spent for the quick fix to the new unit, if I purchased within 30 days. Once we decided to replace the entire unit, they replaced it within 12 hours.

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The Shadow, Ben

Hello, Aug.4, 2012 10:50 A.M. James Mattingly of JustAir only minutes ago finished restoring my air conditioning system and I’m very satisfied with the work James did. He arrived about 20 minutes early, which makes me happy. He was clean and professional in his work. He explained everything he did and why he did it. I randomly picked JustAir from the internet and am happy with the first choice I made. Daniel was my first contact with JustAir and she immediately made me feel that my problem had become her problem. I will call JustAir again if I ever need any work done on my heating or air conditioning system. Of course I will recommend JustAir to anyone.